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Hamilton and Muskoka

Terrastory Environmental is based in Hamilton and Muskoka. We are a client-centred environmental consulting company relentlessly focused on producing high-quality, time-sensitive, cost-competitive environmental reporting and advice.


Why choose Terrastory as your environmental professional? Because we are:

✔  Client-centred to the core and exceptionally deadline-sensitive.
✔  Committed to "consulting" by offering genuine, on-going advice to all clients.
✔  Recognized as leaders in the collection of terrestrial, wetland, and aquatic field data.
✔  Trained to provide sound, well-reasoned environmental policy analysis and opinions.
✔  Connected with staff at natural resource agencies across Ontario.



Ecologists describe landscapes and their constituent animal and plant life, contours, and waterways. We decipher the ecological patterns that emerge - why wetland occurs here but not there - with reference to biophysical processes (e.g., climate, hydrology, etc.) but also the rich cultural and ecological histories (e.g., glaciation, agriculture, etc.) of a place. At Terrastory, we are deeply committed to unraveling the unique ecological context of areas we are retained to assess, lending greater defensibility and soundness to the reports we deliver. Hence our name, Terrastory - we tell stories about the ecology of your land.

Terrastory's expertise lies in assessing the living world outside - wetlands, species at risk, watercourses, shorelines, lakes, woodlands, trees, birds, fish habitat and more. Our studies support diverse projects and applications including residential development (building permits, site plans, severances, zoning by-law amendments, subdivisions, etc.), pits and quarries, municipal transportation and infrastructure, and renewable energy. We also assist public sector and non-profit clients with unique and diverse interests. Clients choose Terrastory for our steadfast commitment to high-quality reporting, effective communications, and solution-oriented approach. We serve clients throughout Ontario, with our primary service areas within and surrounding the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton, Guelph, Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, London, Barrie, Collingwood, Peterborough, Haliburton, and Muskoka.

    Tristan Knight (M.E.S., M.Sc.) is Terrastory's Senior Ecologist and President. Tristan has over ten years experience as an environmental professional acting in diverse private and public sector roles. He applies an intimate knowledge of the environmental policy context guiding development in Ontario to projects big and small. Tristan is also a highly accomplished field ecologist with professional training in innumerable provincial data collection protocols including Ecological Land Classification, Ontario Wetland Evaluation System, Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol, Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network, and Vegetation Sampling Protocol. He is an ISA-certified Arborist, ISA-qualified Tree Risk Assessor, Butternut Health Assessor, and Managed Forest Plan approver. Drawing on this mixture of project management and field experience, he is single-mindedly focused on generating high-quality reports that consistently exceed expectations.

    Although we lack available positions at the present time, if you are interested in joining us feel free to send your resume and details about your goals and experience to info@terrastoryenviro.com.

    Tristan Knight at Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.
    Tristan Knight at Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.
    Tristan Knight and Environmental Consultant and Terrastory Environmental
    Tristan Knight at Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.