Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.
Natural Heritage | Arborist | Environmental Policy


Environmental consultants specializing in natural heritage and aborist reports and impact assessment, supporting clients across Ontario from offices in Hamilton and Muskoka.


Terrastory is a client-centred environmental consultant specializing in natural heritage studies, arborist assessments, and environmental policy analysis. Our goal is to help you successfully navigate the environmental approvals process and secure the permits you need to be shovel-ready.


We support diverse applications occurring throughout Ontario

  • Small-scale (severances, etc.) and large-scale Residential Developments

  • Pits and Quarries

  • Municipal Class Environmental Assessments

  • Watercourse Crossing Structures

  • Renewable Energy

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Due Diligence and Constraints Analysis

  • Peer Review and Expert Opinion

  • More


We deliver high-quality, time-sensitive, cost-competitive studies

  • Environmental Impact Statements

  • Natural Heritage Evaluations

  • Arborist Reports and Tree Protection Plans

  • Species at Risk Surveys and Assessments

  • Fisheries and Fish Habitat Assessments

  • Wetland Mapping and Evaluations

  • Significant Woodland Assessments

  • Environmental Implementation Reports

  • Ecological Monitoring

  • More